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CJ McPhee
Email: (preferred)
Phone: 503-758-9141

Due to the nature of CJ's schedule, email is preferred as initial contact. If you would like to speak with CJ, please provide your phone numbers within the email or leave CJ a message on her cell phone.

Referrals and Partnerships

I'd like to acknowledge and thank the following friends and businesses for their help to me personally and professionally.
Theresa Pridemore of Cogflower Creative walked unknowingly into my life as a guiding force to drawing Energy Moves up and out of my heart. Through photography, dialogue, web design, and more she has helped me to make it a reality.
Thank you Cynthia Lopez of Eleusis Films for helping me manifest my dreams through film. With attention to detail and personal integrity, you brilliantly use your talents to honor the beauty in others as you live the beauty in your own life.
Rev. Liliana Barzola sees Energy Moves with a clarity that validates my yearning for expression.
Sue Brantley, Yoga & Pilates Instructor, has supported me as a student, teacher, and entrepreneur for many years. Her grounded, clear teaching style is accentuated by her sparkling humor.
David-Dorian Ross continues to provide me with the knowledge and inspiration in teaching, practicing, and living.

And heartfelt thanks to the friends and family that have listened and encouraged me throughout this creative process.